"Primroses" - Oil Painting on Canvas



“Primroses” is an oil painting on canvas, created by Artist Harshpreet Kaur in the spring of 2022. This painting is a part of the Botanical Art series that included her other floral works like “Lilacs”, “Yellow Roses”,”Lotus”, and conceptual art like “Rejuvenate”.

Primroses have always inspired Harshpreet as an artist and as a person. She knew early on that Primroses have for long been a symbolic representation of safety and protection. To her, Primroses hold another important meaning as well. Harshpreet saw primroses as a symbol of regrowth. Even though winter can wipe out all the summer colors and flowers, it also gives an opportunity of regrowth to flora. Primroses are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring, they bring back the colors of spring and summer back into our lives. “Primroses” painting is symbolic of regrowth after winter in our lives. When you have suffered a major loss or damage or something difficult you feel is approaching, just remember that this is an opportunity for you to regrow and strengthen your foundations. The winter in your life is to help you prepare for a stronger regrowth so you can bloom just like Primroses.

Price: 2470 cad



Please allow a few weeks for the printing, proofing, and shipping. This order cannot be rushed, unfortunately.

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Dimensions (mounted and unframed): 22x28 inches, 0.75 inches depth

Year made: 2022

Type: Painting

Category: Still Life, Landscape, Botanical, Flower, Nature

Style: Fine Art, Realism, Symbolic

Medium: Oil Painting

Support: Canvas, Back stapled and Wrapped

Mounted on: Stretched on Wooden Frame, Basswood Bars

Framed: No

Artwork Ready to Hang: Yes

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Primroses Oil Painting Artist Harshpreet Kaur

Rose Painting Harshpreet Kaur