If you could see from an artist's eyes, you'd see Beauty In Everything.

- Harshpreet (Fine Artist)

The message...

Water, Land, Air, Life.

Nature is our inspiration.

Universe within.

Spirituality is our healing.

Share and spread love.

Love is our religion.

Everything is a miracle.

Positivity is our way of living.

Sharing My Love For Art...

Graphite Drawings, Nature Paintings, Abstract Acrylic Paintings.

I love florals, nature, people, and wildlife so I draw and paint them. Art gives me a way of showing my gratitude to nature for giving us all that we get to love and enjoy everyday. All my traditional paintings, drawings, and digital art reflect nature in one way or another. My most notable achievement is in the knowledge that making art leaves us feeling very satisfied and gives us the ability to stop time. My previous job experiences have taught me that truly passionate loving work feels effortless and weightless. 

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Painting For You, What You Love...

"Graphite Drawings, Paintings, Illustrations, and more

I would love to paint something special for you. All artworks I've been commissioned are custom and are original including traditional works, and digital work. Lets connect, here's my email info@harshpreetkaur.com.

I have a number of commissions I did to share with you - graphite drawings, calligraphy artworks, digital illustrations, acrylic paintings, and more.

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Meet the Artist...

Harshpreet // Fine Artist

I'm a fine artist and nature enthusiast. I started making art with charcoal and graphite in my early childhood around the age of 9. I specialize in drawing portraits and I've worked on commissioned pencil portraits from my art collectors for 15+ years in India, England, Thailand, and Canada. In 2019, I began painting part-time with oil paints. I realized I felt very connected to nature via paintings so I started painting full-time soon after. I am now a full-time professional painter and graphite artist. Occasionally, I accept digital art and graphic design contracts. My current collection consists of beautifully vibrant nature oil paintings, a few acrylic paintings, and graphite drawings.


For one-on-one artist workshops and
group mentorship in Victoria, please contact.

Email info@harshpreetkaur.com