If you could see from an artist's eyes, you'd see Beauty In Everything.

- Harshpreet (Fine Artist)

The message...

Water, Land, Air, Life.

Nature is our inspiration.

Universe within.

Spirituality is our healing.

Share and spread love.

Love is our religion.

Everything is a miracle.

Positivity is our way of living.

Meet the Artist...



Harshpreet // Fine Artist

I'm a fine artist and nature enthusiast. I started making art with charcoal and graphite in my early childhood around the age of 9. I specialize in drawing portraits and I've worked on commissioned pencil portraits from my art collectors for 15+ years in India, England, Thailand, and Canada. In 2019, I began painting part-time with oil paints. I realized I felt very connected to nature via paintings so I started painting full-time soon after. I am now a full-time professional painter and graphite artist. Occasionally, I accept digital art and graphic design contracts. My current collection consists of beautifully vibrant nature oil paintings, a few acrylic paintings, and graphite drawings.